5 stories that every parent will know to be true about kids sports shoes

Here’s a quick look at some of the typical scenarios and situations parents have to deal with when it comes to their children’s sports shoes. Buying sports shoes at great discounts online is a simple and efficient ways to mitigate many of these concerns, however let’s take a look at the amusing situations we often face as parents of children with sporting inclinations.


Look at other children’s shoes

My five-year old nephew came back from cricket coaching one day and declared that he did not want to go anymore. All of us were rather taken aback as he likes cricket and takes his coaching rather seriously. We asked him what was troubling him and he just brushed all of our questions aside and only said that he was not interested in going anymore. Later, in the night he came to me and sat in my lap and said that some other kid had worn a new pair of shoes with spikes and had gone around showing it to everybody. We ended up ordering the exact same pair of kids sports shoes for him right then and there!

Outgrow their shoes

A friend’s son will not stop outgrowing his shoes and she will not stop ranting about it. From how expensive they are to scouting out shops that offer the best discounts, it’s getting difficult to keep up with his growth and her complaints. We advised her about buying sports shoes online and now we have some much-needed peace.

Dirty their shoes

The kids in our neighbourhood are all CR7s in the making. Obviously, they give each other a run for their money and every game is a life affirming deal for them come hell or high-water. Obviously, their playground is the roads and their hurdles are the potholes. Mud, rain, pollution, nothing comes in the way of scoring a goal. Obviously the kids sports shoes take a fair share of beating and cannot be worn for more than two seasons at a stretch!

Lose their shoes

A friend’s daughter is a budding basketball champion who loves being sent to competitions and championships all over the country with her school. If only the friend could manage to put in a microchip in the numeral sports shoes for girls that she end’s up buying for her daughter. You see, her daughter is too busy keeping track of her baskets to be worried about her shoes.

Give their shoes away

My neighbor friend is a true philanthropist. Her generosity extends to humans and animals alike. So, it came as no surprise that the sports shoes for girls that her uncle had gifted to her ended up on the paws of the stray dog of the complex. Good thing is, that she dutifully changes the shoes every other day from the hind legs to the forelegs of the dog!

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